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For many people Renting out their property can be a daunting thought, similar if you rent a property it can be a worry that the owner may want their property back.

Here at Moving Places Lettings our professional team spend alot of time ensuring that both tenant and owner are suited.

Many of our tenants have enjoyed years in the same property and will enjoy many more to come.

Simply arranging a tenant for an owner is not enough it is essential to find the right match of owner and tenant.

Working this way avoids the continuous flow and changing of tenants and keeps rent coming in every month.

Moving Places Lettings manage and look after a large portfolio of property. We undertake repairs if required to do so and inspect property on a stringent regular basis.

In the rare event of a problem occurring with non payment of rent Moving Places Lettings act quickly and professionally to resolve the situation.

Each tenant is fully vetted and our rates are very competitive, you can choose from full management to just us finding a tenant or somewhere in between.

The goal of a good letting agent is not to have many property available to rent but to have them rented out, there is a shortage of property and this problem will only get worse.

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